End of March

End of March


Now that government regulations are more stable we have our broiler project back up and running. We currently have 800 and hope to be able to maintain this project again. Each 200 batch are about one weeks apart to hopefully get back on a good rotation.

We had to spray for fall worms in our corn again this year. However, if we don’t begin receiving rain soon (even just small showers) then we are going to lose this crop. The highest chance for rain is in the next few days so please pray it begins to rain.


I have spent the last two weeks teaching two short courses at Andrew Connally School of Preaching. The first week I taught Bible geography. Thanks to John Moore and his lesson plans and our 2018 trip to the Holy Lands I was able to provide the class with lots of information and pictures of the places in the Bible and how that affects the stories and our understanding.

This last week I taught a course on personal evangelism. I have enjoyed this class a lot as it is something I’m familiar with here and it created a lot of conversation with the students.

We meant to post this in our last report but forgot… we are so grateful to the North Tuscaloosa church of Christ. Since 2015 they have been so involved here with us and been a constant encouragement. Before we left to come back this year they sent us 10 water filters for families! Last year they sent one and it has made a HUGE impact on the family it was received by. Their children who were constantly at the doctor haven’t been sick in a year! Clean drinking water is difficult to come by here and the water filter they sent has been a major blessing. So, we passed out 10 more thanks to North Tuscaloosa and the recipients and their families are so grateful. (Yes, we know only 7 are pictured below but 3 had to leave.) And the man on the far right was the original recipient last year and showed the others how to use them!

Thank you all for your continued support as our time here is growing short. We are grateful to all of you for helping the church here in Tanzania.



2 thoughts on “End of March

  1. Thanks for your work . Some times
    life has more blessings, when we
    Stick it out with trying problems.
    May your efforts be truly blessed.
    You are doing work that I can’t, so
    thank you again and again.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. You are right, things are often trying but God is good and we are grateful to be able to work here.

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