End July 2018

End July 2018


The farm is doing well and we give thanks to God. We currently have two rooms of broiler chicks growing out at different stages and are preparing to add a third room of baby chicks soon. The school and Anna and I are grateful as chicken is hard to come by lately due to supplier and boarder issues.

We have spent the last few weeks cleaning and preparing and replanting the raised beds. Next week the students return from their break and food will be ready for them.

Harvest season is just around the corner. It has taken much longer this year for things to dry out but we will be very busy harvesting our corn in the next few weeks.

On a personal level – we were gifted rabbits as a thank you a few months ago. We are now bursting at the seams with baby rabbits. Anna and I are grateful, if you know us you know we loved raising meat rabbits in the States. Hopefully, this will help us since chicken is sometimes not available lately.


This month we had 3 guests from Tennessee come and help us with post-campaign work. We are grateful to them for their efforts. Many new Christians have been visited and encouraged and more souls have been added to the Lord’s church.

The Kisongo church is working hard to finish their building and we are so happy for them. They are also working hard with many classes to provide spiritual nourishment to all ages at the church and the new converts. On Sunday morning there are now six different classes for the church and we are happy to see them trying to encourage and mature one another.

Anna continues to teach two bible classes a week to different children (day care and local public school). She is also going out one day a week to evangelize and one day a week to encourage and strengthen our women in the church through Bible study.

Denton Landon from North Carolina is here teaching two Master’s courses at ACSOP. I am grateful to be able to take these classes and have been encouraged to see how well they have been received by the local brethren.

August 8th the Duncan family will be moving to Tanzania to join the TZ2000 team. Please keep Philip, Bekah, Micah, and Nathan in your prayers as they transition to the work here. We are happy to have them and pray the Lord’s Kingdom grows.

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