Mid May 2017 Report

Mid May 2017 Report

Mid May 2017 Maynard Mission Report

Horton Chapel Church of Christ


We have added 700 chicks this month! These will be added to our layer hens in about 5 months. The eggs our hens currently produce are sold quickly and the quality is being talked about around town. As a result we are able to sell all the eggs every day and people are constantly being told we are sold out.   

Our milk is sold quickly here, also. We have four girls that produce 50 liters a day ,and it is all sold immediately. In the next two breeding seasons our milk production should also double and we should be able to meet the growing demand, Lord willing.

The Lord has blessed us with adequate rain this year. The corn is doing great. All we are waiting on now is for the corn to dry so we can harvest. After clearing all the new land and with the tilling and planting we were able to do with the new tractor we should have double the harvest this year.


We continue to work with the local congregation here in Kisongo. I am still teaching the book of Ephesians on Sunday morning. Anna is rotating teaching the women but it will be her turn again the next two Sundays.

Anna continues to work in the Meru area with Susan and Haley every Tuesday. This will be the focus of the campaigns this year and they are working with the pre, and eventually post, studies.  She also continues to do new convert studies on Wednesdays and Thursdays and is continuing to rotate teaching with Mama Kashumba at the local government school on Fridays. For the next few Saturdays Anna has been asked to study with some neighbors of our church members. Please keep these new studies in your prayer.

As many of you know the campaign season is about to begin. Our first guest arrived last week, three more arrive this Saturday, and the Gaines’ group comes in on the 25th. Many more will follow on the 31st and June 1st. Please keep all of these evangelism efforts in your prayers. We love the work here and are happy to be working with our brothers and sisters in the States to further the Kingdom here in Tanzania.



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