Mid March 2017 Report

Mid March 2017 Report

Mid March 2017 Maynard Mission Report

Horton Chapel Church of Christ


Although the rains have not been consistent this month our corn crop is coming up well. Prayerfully it will rain this week and our crop will continue growing. We have spent the last week cleaning the 7 acres before the next rain comes. It is a lot of work by hand. We have also planted two acres in beans and plan to plant more before the next big rain (that we are hoping will come soon). Please keep the rains in your prayers. It is so very dry here.



Anna, Susan and Haley continue teaching the preacher’s wives on the first Saturday of every month. Anna has been teaching the book of James and finished chapter 2 this month. She is trying to help the women focus on spiritual maturity this year. She is also trading out teaching with other women at the Kisongo church of Christ on Sunday mornings. She taught two classes on how to put together Bible lessons and some new ladies have gained the courage to try and teach the next few Sundays.

The evangelism team met at Kwa Morombo this past Saturday. Many successful Bible studies were conducted and the church at Kwa Morombo continues to grow. I am thankful to be able to work in this area when I can. 

Anna has been studying with a woman named Stella who is close to obeying the Gospel. I had the opportunity this week to study with her husband. He responded to the Gospel by putting the Lord on in baptism. Prayerfully, Stella will obey  soon.

We have the privilege of hosting three men from the Bear Valley Bible Institute for the next two weeks. Mike Hite is currently teaching at ACSOP the book of James. Eddie Parrish and Tyler King are doing personal evangelism in the Kisongo and Meru areas. Next week, Eddie will be teaching the Life of Christ. We are thankful for these men and what the mean to the Kingdom, but also for the encouragement they have been to us.

Please continue to keep this work in your prayers.

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