Restless Rambler

Restless Rambler

As a child/teen/college student I never day dreamed about the home I would live in as an adult. I never dreamed of white picket fences or a house in the suburbs. If I ever dreamed of anything it was of a castle and a prince, but those of you who know me already know I have a crazy make-believe world in my head – but I digress.

I have been thinking a lot lately about how strange it is that I never sat around thinking about where I wanted to live and what I wanted my home to look like. In fact, if there were any “real”, “logical” thoughts pertaining to that they came to my head in high school/college and those day dreams were of dirt floors, one room homes, native children running in and out of a bungalow with the name of Jesus excitedly being exclaimed from their lips. The only home I ever imagined for myself was one in a third world country teaching and preaching the Gospel of Christ.


Yet, I find myself so strangely thrilled with this life that has been thrust upon Justin and I by God’s grace. Neither of us can tell you why we chose this life, it is almost as if it sought us out itself. I honestly never even knew I liked animals, until I bought a goat, and now I have 4 dogs, 5 goats (yes only 5!), 5 ducks (15 are on their way next week), 20 chickens (15 or 20 more are coming in May), and I am the secretary at a veterinary office. God has a funny way, if you let Him lead your life, of showing you what you really want vs. what you thought you wanted.


I never thought I would find myself back home in Villanow, Georgia. But, I have to say that I can promise you there are few places on earth that are more beautiful. I do not know what the future holds. It may be full of Villanow and animals, and it may be filled with dirt floors and dirty feet that carry the name of Jesus. I can tell you this: I am a wanderer, a rambler, a restless, creative soul who is happy letting God lead me where he chooses.


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