Mid March 2019

Mid March 2019


The first week of March we were blessed to have Don Hendricks and his son, Corey, with us. They climbed Kilimanjaro and then came to us to help on the farm. We are grateful to them for their hard work. Sometimes farm work isn’t glamorous, just hard, and they didn’t complain as we dug ditches for several more days. We finally have trenches that run the length of the farm. We have also redone all of the raised beds to prepare for the rainy season. With that being said, we have only had a couple of small rains since the crops were planted. However the corn, beans, and sunflowers are all out of the ground. It has rained all around us but not in Kisongo this past week. So please pray that we soon begin receiving rain.

The farm continues to run well as we are still ironing out all of the last minute details for our summer departure. We know that even after we leave there will be things we did not anticipate so please be praying for all of those things and the transition for our friends and fellow workers.


Now that we are back our routine is finally back to “normal”. Anna continues to teach her children’s classes at the daycare and local school every week. She is also back in the routine of follow-up studies and new evangelism studies with members of our Kisongo church. 

This month the women of the local congregations met on the first Saturday for Bible study. This is something they do every month. They asked Anna to teach on Obadiah and for her to teach on Malachi next month. Two Tanzanian women also taught and gave wonderful lessons.

We are also slowly visiting our Tanzanian brethren house to house as we say our goodbyes over the next few months. This is so hard on us and them and please pray for this process as everyone grieves and accepts change.


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