A Letter To Our Supporters

A Letter To Our Supporters

We hope this letter finds you all well. We wanted to update all of you on our future plans in both Tanzania and elsewhere. First, we want to start by thanking all of you. From day 1 of us joining the TZ missions team in Tanzania all of you have been 100% on board. We had heard horror stories of raising and living on support ,and it just wasn’t any of that for us. The Church stepped up and showed us their best side and have been behind us, not just monetarily, but behind us with love, prayers, encouragement, and with joy.

We knew going into this that we had to set an end-date. The end-date for the farming project was the fall of 2019. Unfortunately, this date has found us much quicker than we would have liked. However, we have full confidence in the farm team and Agustine’s leadership. They have been trained and love the project as much as we do and now it will belong 100% to them. We will be working along side of them until July of this year, 2019. Our roll will be a little different this year as we step back and work for Agustine but this has always been the plan and we are excited to see it in action. We also have several seminars set up for when we get back and lots of church and evangelism work.

But we ask that everyone no longer send money after July 31st, 2019. As of August 1st we are excited about the new work we will begin in Spanish Fort, Alabama. We will be working with the Spanish Fort Church of Christ as the youth minister. Many of you may be surprised by our stepping away from foreign mission work, we are too. But, on our flight home we prayed that God put us where He wants us to be not where we think we want to be. After many hours in prayer, talking to those we love and trust, and more prayer we feel like God has led us to a great opportunity to serve Him. We are so excited for this next chapter in our lives. Looking back we can see God’s plan for us in all of this and see how he has been preparing and leading us toward this. Pray for us as we are sad to see what we love come to and end ,but also thrilled to start this new role with a Church that in a short time we have grown to love so much.

Thank you all for your constant love and support. You have played such a huge roll in furthering the Lord’s Kingdom in Tanzania even though many of you have never been to Tanzania.

In Him,

Justin and Anna Maynard

11 thoughts on “A Letter To Our Supporters

  1. So excited about the next chapter! I know it has been tough but I am so proud of you guys— your faithfulness in following God’s plan.

    Praying for the next few months. For peace! Spanish Fort is who I went to China with!! Forever connected!

    Love y’all!

    And hoping I get to see y’all in Tanzania one more time! ♥️

  2. We are so happy that God led you to Spanish Fort. We look forward to your return in August.God bless you in your final days in Tanzania. I know you have done an amazing work there. Love you , Stella

  3. Anna May God continue to bless you two and I’m so proud of the Christian example that you & Justin continue to put in His light.

  4. Great people. Every where is a middion field. In fact it’s time we evangelized America again. Glad you’re going to work with those who could be in just a few years teachers, deacons elders. preachers and faithful Christians in whatever field they choose to go in. They need a moral compass, a real faith that God exist , the Bible is truth and there is a right and wrong way.
    You guys will do a great job because the things i just said our young need to become is what you both already are. So go make clones of you (Christ)@!!!
    Hope to come to Spanish
    Fort one day. Stay in touch. Keep us informed so we’ll know what to pray for.
    The Weldons love you both so much.

  5. Amen! I know sure that I’m one of the supporters too! Not monetary, but through prayers!!! It breaks my heart to hear that you my brethren and good friends are going back! But on the other hand it’s all joy as you are going to work for the Lord! Special thanks for the efforts you have invested in all the projects at Andrew Connaly School of preaching! I have been trying to visit but failed!!! I hope God will grant me an opportunity to visit the projects there!May God bless you with all the good plans as we serve in the kingdom!In His Service, Ezekiel Harrison!

  6. So glad that you have found a new work. You have served the Lord well in Tz. and am sure it will continue. Hope your future is rich in the blessings of the Lord and that your work will continue spreading the seeds of the Kingdom.

  7. We too are a little sad that your awesome work in foreign missions is ending, but more thankful than sad that your work made such a huge Christian impact on so many lives. Of course we wholeheartedly support your decision to work for THE LORD here at home. With so many congregations closing doors we desperately NEED more dedicated workers. May the Lord richly bless your last months away and the years ahead in Alabama.
    Most sincerely,
    Wayne and Janet Wells
    Horton Chapel

    1. We are so grateful to you and Horton Chapel for all of your support. You have been an amazing “cheerleader” encouraging us and we are so grateful!

  8. Justin and Anna,

    I just saw this post today and I want to tell you how grateful I am for the work you have done, are doing, and will do. When I was blessed to stay in your home in TZ back in 2017 (my first overseas travel of any kind), I could not have asked for better hosts. I only wish that I could have made it back once more before you guys move back to the states. I will forever cherish that amazing trip and the friendships created by it. May God bless you both in your new work.

    1. You are so kind! We are grateful and blessed by your friendship. I wish you could come back before we leave but we are so grateful for the time you spent here!

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