Mid August 2018

Mid August 2018


We have reached the point of trying to make every aspect of our farm sustainable in itself. This year we have reassessed each project and improved it. I have also turned over the managing position to Agustine. I am here, of course, to help when he needs advice but I am thrilled to say that this is going well.

The last two weeks have been spent harvesting this years crop. We had to harvest a month later than usual due to the continuing cool weather and rain

showers (uncommon this time of year). We spent the first week cutting the corn and then shucking. We had help from Kendyll Covington and the Duncan family (only 12 hours after arriving to TZ!) As we went through the crop it was quite discouraging. The corn was much smaller this year and unlike last year we only had one cob per stalk, two were very rare. However, God always shows us that He is in charge and He can make something out of nothing. We planted half of what we did last year in corn. If you remember we had hoped to have beans but all but a few bags were washed out. Despite all of this we harvested 27 bags of corn! Last year we harvested 85 bags on double the land. While this is still less than the approx 40 we should have gotten we feel like this is more than we could have wished for given the growing circumstances. Agustine while shucking next to Anna said, “This year is all extra. It’s okay it did not do as well. God is good.” He gave us a much needed reminder and we are grateful for that and give God the glory. Counting the new bags we have 88 bags in storage for the school.

We hope to start the final phase here which Philip Duncan will help us with. The last part of sustainability is budgeting. Please pray as we begin this next phase. We have worked some on this in the last three years but this year Philip will play a huge roll in being able to turn every aspect of the farm over to the Tanzanians.


Anna was asked to travel to a new(er) church outside Karatu and teach their women about how to serve in the church. Bekah Duncan, only 3 days after arriving, offered to go with Anna. Together they spent the day with the women at Endamarariek talking about the 3 reasons we often give for not serving and how to serve despite these 3 things. The women were very engaging and the local preachers have asked if they could come and do the same thing for the other Karatu churches. We are praying that if the Lord wills they can go and help mature these other churches.


I have been invited to a second church in Dar es Salem to give lessons on leadership. The church heard of our work at the Temeke church last month and asked if I could come and help give lessons on elder to elder relationships, elders to deacons, and elders and deacons to member relationships. Please be praying for this effort and if the Lord wills that we can travel to Dar again in the upcoming months.

Please keep the Duncan family in your prayers. They moved here on August 8th and have been pitching in from day 1. We are waiting to sign a contract on a house for them to rent so please pray that works out and goes smoothly.

We will be ordering tickets for furlough soon. We will update you all in the next report about when and work out coming to all of you. Thank you for your continued efforts in this work.

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  1. I’m so glad to know you, Anna (and Justin too). Thank you for your work in sharing the gospel. To God be the glory!

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