End June 2018

End June 2018


We are excited to share with all of you what has been going on for the month of June. We apologize for only sending out one report this month but with everything going on here the date to send out a report slipped by us.

This month the campaign “Safari for Souls” continued in the Kisongo area. The Hoover church of Christ from Alabama and the Son Valley church of Christ from Arizona both sent groups. Within these groups there were individuals from several other congregations.

With all of the evangelism over the last month 68 souls have been added to the Lord’s church. We are unbelievably grateful for this.

Now the Kisongo church is working to encourage and teach these new souls. 3 members from the Hoover church stayed behind and helped us and locals conduct new convert studies. A husband and wife, Jeff and Shawna Wiant, from the Bear Valley church of Christ have also come in and helped continue evangelism and encourage and teach our new converts.

We ask for your prayers for the Kisongo church of Christ. This is a lot of new members and a lot of work spread among very few people. Please pray we can work hard to retain these new converts!

The Kisongo church of Christ also continues to work on their new building. Keep this effort in your prayers as they desperately need a larger building (great problem to have).

We are also grateful to the Norman’s and Brad Whinery and the work their group from Oklahoma have come in and done on the other side of town. They have held evangelism, VBS, and seminars for the last week in the Maji ya Chai area. Many souls have come to be added to the church and we pray for their steadfastness in what they have learned.

This month we also held a children’s seminar at the Arusha church of Christ. 120 kids showed up and were taught by Anna, Shawna Wiant and Kendyll Covington. Leah Covington and Tiffany Roberts taught the women of the church and some visitors wanting to hear the gospel. Jeff and I went and shared the gospel with some people near the church. Keep these efforts in your prayers.

Anna and I will, Lord willing, be traveling to conduct a leadership/eldership seminar at a church in Dar es Salem in July. Please keep this effort in your prayers as well as safety in our travels.

Thank you to everyone who reached out to us about our house flooding. We are happy to report that we incurred very very minimal damage. We are grateful to the Hoover and Son Valley groups for lending a huge hand in the cleanup.

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