End May 2018

End May 2018


Thank you to Rossville Church of Christ for donating the money for the farm to purchase two chainsaws. We hate we did not video the farm guys’ reactions to seeing a chainsaw for the first time. One of the men, Jemsi, spent the entire day saying “thank you, thank you” because he was overwhelmed with gratefulness by this gift that makes everyone’s work easier.

Because of this new gift we were able to cut more than $1500 in firewood in four days. This firewood will be used for the school’s cooking and for the Kisongo church’s campaign cooking this year. Thank you all for this great and much needed gift.

Thank you also to Mason Hinote from Central Church of Christ in Augusta, Georgia. Mason is ten years old and worked to raise the money for his plane ticket to Tanzania to work with Safari for Souls. But, he did not stop at the plane ticket. Mason worked until he had raised enough money to buy the farm a new bull. We are all so grateful and the farm guys were so impressed that he had worked and thought of them and their needs. Mason named the bull “Big Joe” after his friend and mine and Anna’s brother-in-law Joe Burns.


Safari for Souls began this week at Kisongo church of Christ. The week before the Kisongo congregation went out and set-up 75 studies. Central church of Christ in Augusta, Georgia came to kick-off this campaign. They worked together with the members of Kisongo and the work has been received so well by both the church and the community. In the morning everyone went out into the community and conducted evangelism and in the afternoons an elder from the Central church, Ben Lambright, conducted a seminar for the members on elders. While the seminar was going on, Jeremy Hinote and Bobby Pace alternated teaching a new convert class every afternoon.

In five days the 9 members of Central church, the Kisongo church, the Storks family, the Norman family, and Anna and I helped lead 32 souls to Christ! This morning 17 of those new converts came to class and church services. Some of the new converts work at A-Z factory and work on Sunday’s. The others we are visiting this week to encourage. We are grateful to everyone who has been involved in this campaign. The church has grown, it has been encouraged, and all the glory goes to God. Thank you all for your hard work and prayers.

Next week we, along with Kisongo, will set-up more studies and go back to encourage our new bothers and sisters. Please pray for all of the people coming to continue the campaign and that many souls are reached and God is glorified in the efforts.

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