Mid May 2018

Mid May 2018


On the farm the last few weeks we have been able to finally start some cleaning. We have had a few dry days and that has enabled us to start cleaning up all the weeds and plants that have died from to much water.


We have had the privilege of hosting Garry Hill and Mike Greene. Mike came and taught the book of Hebrews to the second year English students at ACSOP.

Garry came and taught a preaching seminar at ACSOP every morning. In the afternoons he and I had the opportunity to share the Gospel. As a result, Dorcas put on the Lord in baptism. We spent the rest of our time doing follow-up studies with her trying to help set a good foundation, and encourage our sister in Christ.  Please pray for her spiritual growth, and steadfastness as she strives to follow what she now knows is the Truth.

Anna continues to teach at the local school and daycare every week. I had the privilege to fill in for the teacher of the older kids at the local school. The class went really well and I enjoyed being able to teach the kids about God’s promise to Abraham and how that relates to Jesus.

We asked for your prayers for the twin mama. Anna and Agustine were able to get her in a program to help for a few weeks. Anna and I went to visit yesterday and she and the twins are doing really well. A pediatrician from America has been checking on the every day and they are gaining weight. We are thankful for our friends at Neema Village and their help. In a few weeks we will transition the mama and her twins back to Kisongo and we ask for your prayers as the church tries to find her a home and begins caring for her again until the twins are old enough for the mother to find a job.

We also ask you to keep the Kisongo Church in your prayers as they continue the study of Elders/Leadership in the Church. I will finish my series of lessons this Sunday, and that will be followed by a week long seminar from an elder at the Central Church of Christ in Augusta Georgia. Please pray as they strive to follow the example found in the Bible for how a Church is suppose to be structured.

We are only a few days away from the start of Safari for Souls. Please be praying for the upcoming campaign and the wonderful Americans coming to serve here.

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