Feb 2018 Report

Feb 2018 Report


We are happy to report we are back in our home of Tanzania. Thank you for all of your love, support, and encouragement on our furlough. We truly enjoyed getting to see all of you and get to know you all better.

The long rains are approaching and so we have spent the last two weeks preparing the land for planting. Agustine, our farm manager, broke his arm in December. As a result, I had to finish the ripping and tilling this year because his right arm is still very weak. Please keep him in your prayers as he gains strength and mobility back.

After Agustine and I met with the farmers up the road who do large scale crops here we decided to plant only 3 acres in beans this year and the rest to plant in more corn. If the rains flood like usual the bean crop may not do as well. We are praying that is not the case but are preparing incase we need to sell corn in exchange for beans for the school.

While we were gone the fruit trees planted in November have really grown, especially the banana trees. A greenhouse was also added and I will begin showing our farm workers how to use the greenhouse to grow tomatoes and other vegetables that are getting eaten by bugs. Also, the lemongrass that was planted in the fall is now large and plentiful. The school can now use this at morning tea time every day.


Our first Friday back Anna was able to go back to the local school in Kisongo with Paulina. It is a new school year and they are beginning again with new and old students. Last year they were able to go through Genesis to Judges and this year they hope to go just as far or further. We are thrilled to be able to continue this ministry in our local school.

Anna has begun encouragement studies for our local members at Kisongo. She is focusing on one family for a few months (she will still be doing other studies as well) whose wife cannot read and who are also caring for there elderly parents along with six children of their own and in the extreme poverty this is a difficult situation. Pray as they increase in knowledge and pray for wisdom in the choices made for the future.

I have also been meeting with the men of the Kisongo church (where we attend). They are preparing for the 2018 campaigns in our area and are looking forward to this time. The church is also planning to begin the foundation work on their new building. We are encouraged by their handwork and commitment to the Lord and ask that you remember the Kisongo church in your prayers.



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