Mid-August 2017 Report

Mid-August 2017 Report

Mid-August Maynard Mission Report

Horton Chapel Church of Christ


The students have arrived back at ACSOP this month! The farm is once again providing for them and the employees 3 times a day. We have begun shucking the corn. This is a long process since it is done by hand. We are two weeks in and only half-way through the corn. On Saturday all of the ACSOP students came out to help us shuck the corn. We hope to have an exact number for all of you at our end of month report. 

We received a wonderful surprise from Central Church of Christ in Augusta, Georgia this month. Thanks to their love and generosity and want to support the work here we now have a new trailer and sheller! The trailer already has been a big help bringing the corn in from the field.  Before, we did this with wheel barrels and carried sacks on our backs. This has helped the process speed up this week. Hopefully next week we will be finished bringing in the corn and can try out the sheller.    


I am wrapping up the book of Ephesians in our adult class at Kisongo. It took almost a month to go through chapter 5 because they had so many questions on the family. Based on the questions and the discussions after class this was a much needed topic for the church. Anna continues to teach the women at Kisongo and they have begun the book of Proverbs. 

This month our children’s seminar was held at the Lerai Kanisa la Kristo. We have finally reached the point of visiting all the congregations within two hours, once. This was our second time at Lerai. We previously visited in Feb of 2016. The great part about this is we can follow-up with the congregations, provide encouragement, and give lessons on maturity needs within the congregation.

Thank you all for your continued support and encouragement.

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