End of June 2017

End of June 2017

End of June 2017 Maynard Mission Report

Horton Chapel Church of Christ


This has been a great “test” month. We are sorry you did not receive a mid month report from us but this is one of our busiest times of year. With so many visitors here it is hard to balance the farm and evangelism and guests. However, the whole goal of all we do has been to turn this over to our guys. This month they have done a phenomenal job of keeping everything running with little effort from us. This week we have been cleaning the raised beds and getting them ready for replanting. The school starts back in a month so we are working to insure we have food when the students arrive. Also it was a good time to introduce our guest Philip Duncan and my brother Jacob Maynard to how the farming is done with African tools. They have been a great help getting the beds ready and then planted today. Our corn continues to dry and is doing well. Also our 700 new egg layers are doing great. 


Campaign season has been in full swing and it has been a great month. We were blessed to start the season off with Gary Box and Robert Youngblood. We were then joined by a group  from Lehman Avenue and the Duncan family from Byron Church of Christ. By mid-June the Hoover church of Christ was here. It is great to have so many people from different places all working for a common goal.

Our efforts this year were focused in the Mt. Meru area at the congregation Desdery and Jane Massawe work with. The Lehman Avenue group provided us with fun VBS materials. Each night of VBS drew in more and more children. The number started at 50 and grew to 160 by the last night.

The numbers from this effort continue to be  seen. We are all in the process of doing follow-up studies and the number of baptisms from Mid-May to now has reached 30! We are thankful to have had so many laboring in Tanzania for the kingdom of God. The last Sunday the Meru congregation had around 200 people attending.  People were having to sit outside all around the building. It is great that the church of Christ is being seen as active in the community.

From the bottom of our hearts we want to thank everyone involved in the 2017 Meru campaign.

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