End of May 2017 Report

End of May 2017 Report

End of May Maynard Mission Report 2017

Horton Chapel Church of Christ


The farm continues to do well. Our new 700 egg layer chickens are growing well. The cows and the new calfs are also doing great.  We are now waiting on the corn to finish drying to see what kind of a harvest we will reap.  The guys have all put in their guesses on how many bags we will get this year.  Last year we collected 25 bags this year the guesses range rom 50 to 80 bags so we will see.  The last few weeks we have not been able to personally do anything on the farm.  This time of the year our roles shift because of the campaign season. However the farm continues to run great.  This is a good test of what we are trying to do.  We want the guys to be able to run everything without us.  We have been working hard to reach this point, and have been blessed with great hardworking guys. We hate not being there, but are so excited to see the guys growing and being able to do everything without our help. We love this time of year getting to see everyone and all the bible studies, and it is great that we don’t have to worry about the guys on the farm, while we are out from morning till night doing bible studies.


Campaign season has already kicked off and the blessings are immeasurable. Gary Box and Robert arrived and hit the ground running. They started off their trip going out to the Oltukai congregation they helped start in 2016. I had the privilege of traveling out with them one day. The congregation there meets in a large tree and it was a great experience. Gary and Robert spent time teaching and encouraging the current members but also 3 new Christians were added to the Lord’s church there.    

The last week all of us, along with Daniel and Abby Gaines and Andy Wright from Lehman Ave COC, have been evangelizing in the Mount Meru area. In every direction that we walk from the church people are wanting to study the Bible. In the last week 13 new Christians have been added to the Lord’s church in baptism. Jimmy Gee preached an open air meeting in the community Tuesday through Thursday on the one church and how to gain access to the true church of the Bible.   

The Duncan family from Byron COC in Georgia arrived this week. They are here not only to campaign but to learn more about the farm work that we do here. We are happy to have them and this opportunity.

Anna was able to spend the last two Saturdays studying with a friend’s neighbors. We are happy to have two new sisters who obeyed the Gospel in baptism. These women live near us and will be worshiping with us at the Kisongo congregation. We are looking forward to helping them on their walk in Christ.

Please keep our campaign efforts in your prayers. Please pray for everyone’s travel and safety as Gary and Robert leave Sunday, Jimmy leaves Monday, the Lehman Ave group leaves Thursday, and the Hoover group arrives Thursday.

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