End of April 2017 Report

End of April 2017 Report

April 2017 Maynard Mission Report

Horton Chapel Church of Christ


Farming, while never without things to do, can be quite boring to report on. We have spent the last two weeks thanking God for the rain that is helping our corn crop to grow. We have also spent the majority of our days repairing fences. Our bull continues to find ways out of the fence and into the corn.

This month, as many of you saw on Facebook, our farmyard where the chicken house is flooded in a storm. During the night the ditches outside our compound stopped up and the floods had no where to drain….resulting in the flooding. It was a nasty job getting it all cleaned, however none of our animals were injured and it isn’t something that should happen again.


Our monthly children’s seminar was conducted in Monduli. Around 60 children came out and learned lessons about the life of Jesus from Anna, Susan, and Haley. As always we are grateful for Desdery and Jane Massawe. They are more than translators but friends who put a lot of time and effort into these each month. The men conducted more than 21 Bible studies and three people obeyed the Gospel. We were thrilled to be able to work with 10 teenagers from a local private school. While Susan taught the local women of the church about teaching children, Anna took the teens aside and worked with them. These teens teach Bible class every Sunday morning at one of the local churches of Christ. We were encouraged by their enthusiasm and seeing the future of the church.

I have spent the last two weeks teaching the second chapter of Ephesians to our local congregation in Kisongo. We have been able to study the chapter in-depth and many of the adults have come up after class to ask questions and tell me how much they are enjoying the class. Anna finished the book of Esther with the women of Kisongo. They spent the month of April learning the story at a child’s level (to be able to retell it) and a more in-depth level.

Every Wednesday and Thursday Anna continues to do follow-up studies with new converts Neema, Julianna, and Stella. They are going through the life of Jesus in the Gospels. It has been encouraging to see them faithfully attending services.

On Friday’s Anna and Paulina continue to teach the Bible in the local government school in our town of Kisongo. Keep this effort in your prayers. This is a great way, not only to teach our future, but to reach out to the community and make them aware of the churches of Christ. Many adults have sought out the “church teaching at the schools” and we pray this will lead to new studies.    

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