Mid April 2017 Report

Mid April 2017 Report

Mid April 2017 Maynard Mission Report

Horton Chapel Church of Christ


We welcomed our 4th and final calf for the 2017 calving season. To our delight, this calf is our fourth girl! Our milking herd has doubled in one calving season and we are thanking the One above. Included is a picture of our first calf of the season, Eve, grazing and our new calf resting. We are now collecting 50 liters of milk a day from our 4 milkers.

Thanks to the Lord, and your petitions to him on our behalf, we received heavy rains at the beginning of last week. They were steady for a few days. Our corn crop is growing very well. However, it is already beginning to dry here again. So, please continue to keep the rains in your prayers for the next month. We have seen the result of everyone’s prayers and are thankful.


This month began with the monthly preacher’s wives meeting. Anna is still in the book of James and hopes to finish next month. More and more women are coming every month and we pray what they learn is beneficial to their spiritual growth.

Anna is also conducting new convert studies twice a week, Wednesday’s and Thursday’s, with Stella, Neema, and Juliana. They are studying the Life of Christ. Currently, they are in the sermon on the mount and have found the studies to be very encouraging.

Our children’s seminar for April will be held in Monduli on the 22nd. Please keep that in your prayers and we will share the seminar with you in our next report.

I will begin co-teaching with Ahimidiwe the book of Ephesians at the Kisongo Church of Christ. Anna is currently going through the book of Esther with the women at Kisongo for the month of April.

We are grateful to have had the opportunity to host Ralph and Cindy Williams this month. Ralph is here teaching a short course to the ACSOP first year English students.

Already we are gearing up for campaign season. May, June, and July are already filled with visitors coming to share the gospel of Christ with the lost and encourage the growing church here in Tanzania. We ask that you keep these visitors and the work in your prayers as we all work, together, to further the Kingdom of Christ.

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