End of March 2017 Report

End of March 2017 Report

March 2017 Maynard Mission Report Horton Chapel Church of Christ


Our reports seem to have a common theme: prayer for rain. This report is much of the same. Instead of daily rain we are seeing rain about every 15 days and sweltering hot days in between.

We spent most of this week cleaning the beds and putting fertilizer down, by hand, on the 7 1/2 acres. Despite the lack of rain our crop is doing well, but we know for it to continue we need rain soon.


We are happy to report two additions to the Lord’s Kingdom this month! In our last report we mentioned Stella whose husband was baptized. Stella chose to put the Lord on in baptism. Anna begins new convert studies with her this week.

In January we reported about the baptism of a lady named Julianna. We are happy to report that her husband became a member of the Lord’s church this month! Anna continues to do new convert studies with Julianna and her neighbor, Neema.

An opportunity arose at one of the local schools this month. Paulina asked Anna if she would go on Friday’s and teach Bible in one of the local public schools here. This is a great opportunity to be a light in the community. Paulina and Anna’s classroom is packed out every week. The kids have learned the book of Genesis and are now in the book of Exodus.

Our children’s seminar was in Kwa Morombo this month. We, along with the Storks family and Massawe family, conducted this monthly seminar. Around 60 children came and Anna, Susan, and Haley taught them two miracles of Jesus and his resurrection. I, along with the Storks men, and men from the church went out into the Kwa Morombo community to conduct Bible studies. One man chose to put the Lord on in baptism. The Kwa Morombo church is growing as a result of their devotion to the Lord.

As we mentioned in our last report, we have had Mike Hite, Eddie Parrish, and Tyler King with us for two weeks. Mike and Eddie taught short courses at ASCOP. Eddie and Tyler also conducted Bible studies in the Meru and Kisongo areas. We are thankful to have been able to host them while they were here. We are also grateful for the work they did to further the kingdom.


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