End of February 2017 Report

End of February 2017 Report

February 2017 Maynard Mission Report

Horton Chapel Church of Christ


This month we are thanking our heavenly Father, and all of you who prayed on our behalf, for the rains. Our corn crop is beginning to come up and we are grateful.

Our third cow has calved! A third baby girl has arrived on the farm and our community is happy they will soon have a steady supply of milk again.

We have begun building a separate house for the goats out of the old cow house wood. With the new calves arriving, as they grow, we will need more room for them and this will move the goats out.

I have begun teaching classes to the preaching students on Friday afternoons about farming. We have had two sessions already and we are encouraged by their enthusiasm to learn how to better care for their families through farming. They have lots of questions and I am trying my best to answer them so they can share this knowledge with their communities.


Anna and Susan continue to evangelize in the Kisongo area (where we live) on Thursday’s accompanied by Paulina. 3 of the 4 new Christians are now worshipping at the Kisongo Church of Christ. Your prayers are making a difference! We still have one new Christian who is not being allowed to come to worship by her husband. Please keep praying for her. Her name is Gladness. Please pray we can study with her husband, also.

On Monday afternoons Anna and Paulina have been studying with a new local in the Kisongo area. She even came to visit the Kisongo church last Sunday! Her husband has agreed to study the Bible this Sunday with Justin. Pray for this family. Pray they have open hearts and minds to the Gospel.

On Tuesday mornings Anna and Susan, along with Mkunde and Jane, are going to be evangelizing in the Meru area. This will be the focus area for the upcoming campaigns. This morning one lady from Anna and Mkunde’s study chose to obey the Gospel. Please keep these continuing studies in your prayers.

As many of you know, this month we lost our brother in Christ. The work we are currently doing is all because of Cy Stafford’s faith in Christ and love for the Tanzanian people. We are all mourning the loss of this great man but we are grateful we will see him again one day. Please keep his wife, Stephanie, and their boys in your prayers.

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