Mid February 2017 Report

Mid February 2017 Report

Mid February 2017 Maynard’s Mission Report

Horton Chapel Church of Christ


This month we had our second calf born on the farm. We are happy to say it is another girl. Both she and Eve, born last month, are growing well. We are two for two with our new bull – healthy girls. We are still awaiting two more calves in the coming months.

Our personal goats, Moses and Zipporah, had twins this last week! We have a boy and a girl, Comet and Nanyori. The boy will be sold in a few weeks but the girl will remain with us. Her name comes from the Maasai and means “loved one”.

Today we finished planting around 7-71/2 acres with our new tractor. This is at least double what we were able to plant last year. It has been a guessing game for everyone in our area on when to plant. We pray, as do others, that we have not planted too early and the rains will begin. You may be tired of us asking, but please pray for rain and successful crops for everyone. We are offering up a huge praise – within hours of finishing planting rain has began. It is currently raining outside and we pray it continues. 


We have a children’s seminar coming up this weekend. Please keep it in your prayers.

Anna and Susan have continued to follow-up with our new sisters in Christ that were baptized last month. We are happy to say Neema and Julianna are faithfully attending services and growing in Christ. Do keep Julianna in your prayers as she has been sick (typhoid) this week. This is a serious issue where we live due to unclean water.

They have also been following up with Sarah and Gladness who we reported last month were not allowed to attend services by their husbands. We are sorry to report that Sarah has left her husband and we do not have contact with her right now. Both of their husbands are drunkards and their lives are very difficult. They continue to visit and encourage Gladness every Thursday. We pray things change in her home. We are trying to get Bible studies set up with the husbands but at the moment they are not interested. The picture to the left we have included before. The two women in the middle are Gladness and Sarah. This was just after their baptisms.

Anna started a new study today with a lady named Stella. They will meet again on Monday, Lord willing. Let us keep this new study in our prayers.

Thank you for all of your prayers, encouragement, and love. We pray that the Kingdom continues to grow, not only here, but around the world.

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