Mid January 2017 Report

Mid January 2017 Report

Mid January 2017 Maynard’s Mission Report

Horton Chapel Church of Christ


First, we want to thank everyone for their love, support, and hospitality over the last four months. I wish we could thank you each individually but there are too many people who made our coming back possible. We are thankful to be back in Tanzania doing what we love. Happily, we can report that the farm continued to do well in our absence. Many things have changed since we have come back. For starters, our chicken house now has automatic waterers. This is a big deal. With the high temps it was all Roderick could do to keep the chickens hydrated. Now, this is not a problem and Roderick is free to help in other areas on the farm once the chickens are fed.

We have a new John Deere tractor! This has already been a huge asset in the short time we have been back. Anna’s parents joined us for this month in Tanzania. Her father, who has been a farmer for the last 40 years, has been helping me teach our workers proper maintenance for this new addition, on top of how to use it, etc. With the tractor we have been able to get a lot more land ready to plant next month. Tanzania’s short rains did not come this year and as a result a food shortage is beginning. The long rains (which prayerfully begin at the end of next month) will be needed more than ever and thanks to this tractor we will be able to farm more land than we could last year.

In our end of Jan report we will share pictures of the before and after land pictures. Everything is looking great.


As I mentioned, Anna’s parents are here for the month. While Anna’s dad and I have been busy on the farm, Anna and her mother have been evangelizing. They spoke at the Preacher’s Wives meeting the first Saturday in January and Anna was happy to be back with her friends here.

Anna, Ebeth, and Susan Storks, along with translator Paulina,  have been evangelizing in the Kisongo area. As a result, the Lord has added 2 new sisters to His Church. More studies are being conducted next week. Keep these in your prayers.

This weekend we, along with Anna’s parents, and the Stork family went to Usa River for our monthly children’s seminar. We had 80+ children come to hear about Jesus miracles and resurrection. Todd Storks studied with the adults and a new soul was added to the Lord’s Church.

We are thankful for this work, this team, and these wonderful people. Please keep this work in your prayers. Also, please remember Cy Stafford and his family in your prayers. We love them and this work dearly.

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