March 2016 Report

March 2016 Report

Maynard Mission Report March 2016
Horton Chapel Church of Christ

Boma Ng’ombe Children’s Seminar:

This month our children’s seminar was changed to the third Saturday of the month, as opposed to the second. This was due to the Archaeology Seminar given by Brother Garry L. Hill on the second Saturday.

We, along with the Gaines and the Massawe family went to the small village of Boma Ng’ombe. Translated the name of the town means, “Cow Home”. This was an unusual seminar for several reasons, but if you have ever been to Africa you know that things never turn out the way you had planned.

A local orphanage had been planning to attend this children’s seminar. Due to their director being out of town, they were unable to make it. As a result, number-wise, this was a small seminar with around 50 children. However, it seems the Lord (as always) knows just what we need, and though small in number this was a wonderful seminar. Anna and Tiffany were able to combine the classes and instead of teaching two classes each, they were able to teach their class and then spend time with the children while the other taught.
The men held an adult Bible study outside while the children were being taught by Anna, Tiffany, and Jane. Around twenty adults sat outside beneath a tree to study the Word of God. They began around 10 am and at 1 pm they stopped because three men in their study knew what they must do to be saved. In true African fashion, we all went down to the river. While women stood on the edges washing their soiled clothes, three men went into the water dirty with sin, and rose to a new, clean life in Christ.

As was said at the beginning, this was an unusual seminar. When we returned from the baptisms we ate lunch. The plan was to start the women’s portion around 2:00. However, as soon as everyone was safely in the building a storm began. In the six months we have been here this was a first for us. Not the storm, but what came with the storm: hail. And lots of it. After 45 minutes the storm stalled long enough for everyone to make a decision. We decided to take the break as an opportunity for everyone to get home safely. As a result, we canceled the women’s portion of the seminar. Within fifteen minutes of getting on the road the storm began again.

Although this was an unusual seminar we are giving praise and thanks to God for this work. Please keep these three new brothers in your prayers!


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