Three More Years

Three More Years

I believe this country has a way of getting in your blood; it courses through your veins, it pumps through your heart and before you know it, you are new.  You know that you can never go back to the person you were before.  The scales have fallen from your eyes, the African dust clings to your feet, and your heart beats to the sound of a tribal drum.


For the first time, you see the hungry eyes yearning for the Gospel.  You hear from the lips praises to Mungu (God), despite desperate conditions.  Where you once saw poverty, you now see love.  Where you once saw defeat, you now see hope.

Africa changes you.

It changes you from the inside out.

And you can never go back to who you were.


The need here is great and we are only a small part of God’s bigger plan.  We love the people here so very much.  It is with much prayer that we have decided to renew our commitment to the work here.  We are committing, Lord willing, to three more years beginning this fall.  There are plans to expand the farming project and we want to see the project through.  We will come home for furlough (the exact date isn’t set) around September to raise funds.  We ask for your prayers.  If you or your congregation would like to help support us, or would like us to come and give a presentation please send us an email (

I ask that you please remember Cy Stafford in your prayers.  He is fighting for his life and Africa still needs him.  Pray the Lord heals him and returns him to the work here.


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