A Few Thoughts on Leaving My Home.

A Few Thoughts on Leaving My Home.

Hello September.

You are finally here.  I honestly thought you would never come.

But before I share with you my thoughts on leaving let me share with all of you our going away party.

Last weekend we were able to celebrate with SO many of our friends before we leave for Africa.  I was amazed.  Some of our friends drove 3 hours while others had more like a 3 hour plane flight!  We were excited and humbled by the presence of all of you and I want to just say THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts.  We love you all.

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We even celebrated Christmas in August thanks to my dear Aunt Cindy! She gave all three of us the most thoughtful gift.  She sewed us each a pillowcase with our favorite things/colors that remind us of home!  Samm: Daisies and the color lavender.  Me: Red barns, blues and greens, and chickens.  Justin: Hunting and farming and the colors blue and green.

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Now, we are a mere 18 days away from leaving.  Leaving our friends, our families, our animals, and our home for at least a year.

Everyone keeps asking: Are you nervous?  Are you sad?  Are you scared?

Every time I answer they look at me like I have grown three heads.

NO.  I am excited.

But… you won’t see your family.

But… what about your nephew?  Who will do his cupcakes for his birthday next year?

But… what about your animals?  (Sad, but this is the NUMBER ONE question asked.)

***Random side rant: I love my animals.  I do.  They bring us immense joy. But they are not people.  They are not more important than people.  They do not have eternal souls.  Our goal on this earth is to serve God and to bring souls to Him for His glory so that we all might spend eternity in His courts.  My animals are going to be well taken care of.  As stewards of God’s earth they are given to us to use and care for and glorify Him.  But they will never be put before souls.

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But I do love them 🙂

Sadly we are also getting a lot of this:

I am so glad y’all are doing this… I could never do that.

I love my family too much to leave them like that.  (And we don’t?)

I know everyone has good intentions with their questions but I just want to scream at the top of my lungs….

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This world is not my home. 

So no, I am not nervous.  I serve the King of Kings.  Who and what am I to fear?  Nothing.

No, I am not sad.  I serve a risen Savior; my heart is filled with joy.

This world is not my home.  I do not labor and toil for the here and now – but for the eternal gain, for the heavenly reward.

My eyes are set on Heaven.  What are yours set on?

I will say this, Horton’s Chapel Church of Christ in Belton, KY has been amazing in it’s unwavering support.  They are constantly in prayer for us and letting it be known they want to help us in any way possible.  That is what we need.  They are already thinking of ways to serve the people of Africa from their small rural town in Kentucky.

So many of our friends at Rossville Church of Christ are not only thrilled for us but are constantly letting us know that they are praying for us.

Our families have been great.  They have their eyes set on Heaven and give us the unconditional support we need.

So, if you know a missionary – pray for them.  Don’t try and fill their heads with doubts.  Let them know that while you may not be able to serve in the same capacity as they are, that you are willing to help them in any way, stateside, that you can.  Don’t let the devil slip words on to your tongue. Set you sights on Heaven.

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