Maynard May Mayhem

Maynard May Mayhem

As always, spring is in full swing and we are hustlin’ and a bustlin’ around Maynard’s Farm.

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After almost three straight weeks of rain – we got our garden planted.  Yep, muddy, bare-footed and everything.

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It has caused a lot of late night planting and watering by flashlight (seriously) but our onions, green beans, peppers (all kinds!), cucumbers, okra, squash and tomatoes are all planted!

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Our goat kids, the ones we are keeping, are growing like weeds.  They are gorgeous little girls. I have named one Hermione and Justin has yet to name his.

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I love this time of year – it is not too hot (yet) and everything is green.  But I love it the most because of how fun and energetic all of the animals are.

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Spring also means – BABIES!  We have more kids due at the end of this month and I am so excited.  We have baby chicks growing out to be slaughtered in another 8 weeks. Justin built a HUGE brooder for them this weekend.

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Hercules LOVES baby anything so he was excited when the babies were put in the new brooder.  As you can see above he guarded them very well!

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This new brooder is giant.  That is TWENTY chickens back there.  TWENTY.  And a 5 gallon waterer.

We also have kits now!  (Baby rabbits) They will move into the brooder after the chicks.

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We are so busy there’s hardly time to be tired – ha!

Speaking of tired…did I mention my dryer broke?  The repairman has been fixing it…for TWO months.

What can I say?  Poor folks got poor ways!
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But really, we are so blessed and have so much going on I can hardly count my blessings.

Speaking of, my 27th birthday was last week!  Woo-hoo!

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Tonight we are going to pick up some turkey pullets to add to our ever growing farm and possibly try our hand at guinea keets again (last year ours up and ran away 😀 ).

Until next time!
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