Hello World!

Hello World!

Kidding season 2015 began on this blistery morning.  Lil Bit O’Time chose (ha!) the coldest day of the year so far to kid.  At 7 AM two beautiful girls feet hit the oh so cold ground!  WOO HOO!  We are so so excited.  Neither are named yet.  Traditionally their names are supposed to correlate with their mother’s.  I have had lots of awesome suggestions from Lil Bit O’Honey to Lil Bit O’ Luck (My Fair Lady – you know I’m a big fan :D) to Lil Bit O’ Frostbite and Lil Bit O’ Snow.  We will be thinking and will let you know names soon.  With no further adieu …. here are our girls:

One Girl:

get-attachment (31)

Both Girls:

get-attachment (32)

Second Girl (with a bit of a milk mustache 😉 ) :

get-attachment (33)

I had to bring them into work this morning -not because of the cold but because this is DAY ONE of their lives and that requires making sure bottle feeding happens.  (Yes, we bottle raise not dam raise.)

I hope y’all have a great weekend – try not to freeze – and I cannot wait to share pictures of the other babies due in the coming weeks!

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