It is ironic that my last post was of “new additions” because I thought we were through with our “new additions” for the year.  Oh, was I wrong.

Justin and I have been looking for two things the past few months: Cornish Game Hens and Guineas.  Well, we finally found some guineas and they were $5.50 a chick.  A CHICK, people.  Umm no.  But man did Justin want them.  (Oh, and they were lavender!  So cute!)

So, I came home from work a week ago and heard a strange chirping noise.  I thought maybe it was the barn swallows.  I was almost finished with my nightly chores when I looked at the empty brooder…except it wasn’t empty.  These darlings were in there:


Yep, they’re lavender, teeny tiny bundles of cuteness.

Before I move on to the BIG, HUGE  (did I mention GIANORMOUS?!) surprise addition this week here are a few happenings from the last week:

Meet Broody McBroodster.  She is crazy.  Legit. 



We go through the same routine every afternoon as we remove her from the laying boxes to get eggs.  She makes the strangest noises and goes bananas.  B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

Hercules blew his winter coat and now looks like a baby!  It’s crazy.


Our male gold star hybrid has a gorgeous purple wing.  I wish I could get a better picture.


Friday was one of my favorite holidays!  And to quote one of my favorites:

“I love the freedoms we got in this country, I appreciate your freedom to burn your flag if you want to, but I really appreciate my right to bear arms so I can shoot you if you try to burn mine.”

“The Native Americans, The Black, Yellow and White
All shed red blood for the Stars and Stripes….”

From “Ragged Old Flag” on The Great Lost Performance

Here are some pictures from our weekend:




Justin’s family.


Now, on to the insane surprise. 

I noticed on a Tuesday that Hebe looked like she was getting a little fat and may have grown nipples.  On Thursday Dr. Benson came over and did an ultrasound.  Y’all, the tiny heartbeats that showed up on that monitor were ADORABLE.  Not only was she pregnant she was due…soon.

Only, we didn’t know HOW soon. 

When we went out to the barn Friday morning to start our chores…this is what greeted us:


Have you ever seen such tiny cuteness?


I’m in love.  12 babies were born…10 are still here and doing great a week and a half later.  They have literally doubled in size this past week!


Hebe is being a fantastic mom and despite her usual stand-offish nature she has gotten so friendly.


I don’t know if I will get to post again before Africa.  If not, keep us in your prayers, and please pray for an uneventful 10 days on the farm while we are gone!

Until next time!




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