Wyoming, Idaho, and Nebraska

Wyoming, Idaho, and Nebraska

So let me start with a few differences in the south and out west.
1. It’s windy. Really really windy. What was that? I can’t hear you for all this wind! The only way this is a plus is if you’re in to extreme kite flying. Sheldon Cooper maybe?
2. The left lane is for passing only. Weird. Justin liked this and thinks it makes traffic move faster. My thing is… If no one is on the road… What does it matter what side I’m on?!
3. There aren’t many billboards. Scratch that – we saw none. There were large signs that told about the states and agriculture but no big billboards. And no advertisements till you came up on an exit. I liked that.
4. Past Colorado there was no sweet tea. No me gusta.
5. There is a LOT of wasted land. I like that there aren’t a lot of people and it’s all “wide open spaces” (cue Dixie chicks) BUT when you drive for 500 miles and see 500 miles of fenced in land with no houses and no animals it’s a little annoying. Hey! Pick me Wyoming!! I’ll take that land and farm/ raise livestock.

With #5 brings Wyoming.



Sorry for the awful glare but I was not a fan of Wyoming. We thought we would never get out. But I have to laugh. God never ceases to amaze me. On our way back home we went back through the same section of southern WY and God said “I’ll show you”. He sprinkled everything with a light dusting of snow and I was amazed. Everything He made has a beauty to it.





Now, let me back up. After Wyoming we got to Idaho. Beautiful, beautiful Idaho. Rolling hills, MOUNTAINS (the real kind… Not like we have in the south). It was beautiful. Truly gorgeous.


When we got to our destination of Blackfoot, ID from Estes Park we crashed in true Maynard style. Can you tell we like to eat and sleep? 🙂

But the next morning we were up and ready to go. Before we went to the farm to see our babies we stopped by the local museum…



Yep, you read that right! The potato museum! Hello, Idaho potato! It was actually really neat and we liked it a lot.


Who doesn’t want to see the worlds largest Pringles?





The best part? You get FREE potatoes. Yep, free food. Free.


You get to put your souvenirs in a potato sack!



Now on to the part you are all interested in… Our babies!! We arrived at God’s Graces Thursday morning and let me tell you … We were in for a treat.


The Groneman’s were more than just hospitable. We are SO blessed to have met these amazing folks. We spent ALL day (literally) learning everything we could. One thing we have encountered in the goat world is that everyone acts like what they do is a big secret. Presidential secret passing big. Area 51 big. They’re goats. We just want them to stay alive, folks. If we happen to luck out and have a national champion it won’t be because you showed us how to properly trim hooves. Which, they did. Seriously, they took the time to not only show us, but let Justin do one himself. I wish they lived closer. They are a fountain of knowledge and we are crazy dehydrated. But for one day we drank until our stomachs were about to burst and the Groneman’s kept giving :). We are forever grateful.

Now here is what you have all been waiting for… Our girls!



When we left Friday morning we talked names, stopped, bottle fed, and talked names some more.


We debated Shakespeare names.


Then we debated really southern names like Dixie, Magnolia, lemon, and Daisy.


No, the diapers did not stay on. 🙁

We debated names until we were delirious and suggesting things like “Idy” and “ho” and “tator” and “spud”.

Then Justin came up with their names! Meet Gypsy and Journey!





Now, for the story you have all been waiting for… Nebraska!


We drove and drove and drove until we could drive no more. We reached a town right outside Lincoln, Nebraska around 10 pm. We found a motel (outside rooms were important) and Justin went inside. We parked around back, I gathered bottles, and Justin put a baby goat under each arm…. Then we ran. Smuggling babies in a room for the night was a success. We then fed them in the hopes that full belly’s would mean sleepy babies. Wrong! They were nuts! They didn’t holler but they jumped on the toilet seat, on the walls, on us… Everywhere! They ran in circles, they head butted, and they used me for a jungle gym. For hours! I sent Justin to bed and I laid on a pillow in the bathroom. Someone had to drive in the morning and I’m better at sleeping in the car. Finally, around 2 am they drank a TON of milk, and settled down. I wish I had pictures. They curled up in the floor with me and gypsy even laid her head on mine. Sweet babies. I sure do love them. We are currently 6 hours from home and all is well (for now!).

If you haven’t seen the video click here and enjoy a laugh. Until next time!

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