Gabbling about Goats

Gabbling about Goats

Gabble means to chatter or talk inarticulately. I believe this is a fitting word to describe my ramblings. I am not always the most articulate. Now, it has been since April 2013 since I last blogged. I am going to try this again. I am a terrible blogger so I am only going to commit to once a month blogs. Maybe after that I will blog more regularly. A lot has happened in 2013 and I want to update all of you.

So here is what you all have missed (or maybe not since most of you follow me on Facebook) in 2013!

We had to buy a second fridge.. why you may ask?  Because this happened!!


I learned to make mozzarella cheese thanks to The Pioneer Woman!


These beauties were sold and I miss them so!


Justin became a “real farmer”.  Meet Houdini.  He was (please note the past tense) my dad’s goat, and he was named properly.  Goat wrangling became Justin’s second profession this summer.

Justin also built a chicken coop and duck house this summer.  Oh wait, what was that?  Yep.  We expanded.  We now have goats, chickens, and ducks!  Green acres, y’all!


Chickens?  You may ask.  Why, yes.  Because who doesn’t want gorgeous, colorful, fresh EGGS!

999761_10200464392148695_417151929_n 1238308_10200447371883199_1588386111_n

I learned to make goat milk soap!   And guess what?  It is AMAZING. But don’t take my word for it! Visit this blog here!



Since our farm expanded we had to add something else.  This something else is fluffy, cuddly, and looks like a giant polar bear!  You guessed it… guard dogs!  Great Pyrenees to be exact!

Meet Hercules!


And Hebe!  Talk about love at first sight!


We had TWO sets of triplets born in December.  Talk about a crazy month!

Meet Buck, Buttercup, and Daisy.  (No they aren’t G-names…I’ll explain in a later post)


And meet Rueger, Bon Bon, and Truffles!


Now, last but not least.  We lost our dear sweet Gretel in December.  Our hearts were broken and I cried like a baby. Heck, I’m tearing up now!  She was an amazing goat, and thanks to her Maynard’s Farm will be changing a lot this year.  (But you will have to wait on a new post to find out why!  Ahhh….suspense!)

Thank you to Dr. Benson for all the amazing care you took with this sweet girl.

And thank you to Dr. Rogers for being there on her last Saturday.


Now, on a happier note I will leave you with these:

It is baby goat heaven!


And here is to 2014!  Cheers!


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