Gallimaufry of Goats

Gallimaufry of Goats

Gallimaufry: A confused jumble or medley of things.
Most goat farmers choose one breed. I, on the other hand, do not prefer to go with the grain. I have a gallimaufry of goats now with la Mancha’s, Nubians, Oberhalsi’s, and a Nubian La Mancha mix. Meet the newest girls from the end of January (these are Justin’s very own goats):
From L-R: Georgette (Nubian) GiGi (Nubian La Mancha mix) and Gretel (Oberhalsi)

Now…. I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for this BIG momma, Giselle aka the bearded lady, to give birth. Seriously, she’s HUGE.

Have you ever seen anything so big? Wow.

Well last night I was making supper for our girls night. The hubs is out of town and some friends were staying the night. Welllllll I was in the kitchen when I heard baby screams! (Seriously they sound like children) I ran out to find…. La Mancha babies! Cute little earless things!!!
Meet Gemma

Meet Gypsy

Say a prayer for us they aren’t latching on. But they are strong healthy little things. So hopefully they will learn soon.

Although our girls night was interrupted by the birth of these sweet baby girls, I’m thankful my friends took it in stride. You know me, I was panicked and running around like a chicken with its head cut off! And a huge thanks to my Aunt Pam who came over immediately since everyone was gone.

On the plus side she kidded just fine! I didn’t even know until they were born. Yay! I do NOT do birth. Ugh. Could you imagine ME pulling out a baby goat?? No thanks!

I’ll update about with my cheese adventures soon!
Until next time a few goat facts:
1. A new study has shown that goats have “accents” like humans. Ha!
2. Their pupils are rectangular! Yep! I’ll take a pic some time. They are slits that give them deep peripheral vision.
3. The devil is often depicted as a goat. Booooo.
4. Bucks (male goats) pee in their beards to attract the female does. Hot, huh? Hahahha.

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