Mother of twins: Day 2

Mother of twins: Day 2

Day two as a momma with twin kids started out like any other around here. I checked on the babies that morning and then headed to town with a friend. About 1:00 Justin called and said I needed to go by the CO-OP and hurry home if I wanted these babies to live. So off to the CO-OP I went. I bought supplement milk, nipples for bottles, and some amazing stuff called nutri-drench for goats. Our amazing vet and my just as amazing Aunt Pam came over and between all of us we began tube feeding these babies. My house quickly turned into a goat hospital.



The bottom picture shows the plastic tube we would put in the babies mouths, then run the orange tube down their throats, and then we would attach the syringe (with milk in it) to the end of the orange tube and the milk would go into their little tummies.
Wow, this was a lot for me to take in. I’m not good with stuff like this but I put on my big girl panties, rolled up my sleeves, and learned VERY quickly. Let me give a huge shout out to my sister, Samantha, if you think I’m not good with stuff like this, she practically faints but she was quite the trooper. Since these babies needed to be fed every 2 hours and needed to keep their body heat up… They became inside goats (at least for the night).


Seriously, does it get any more adorable? I love these guys! Well, the name game quickly started. I had already picked out Gunner and Gunther. Dad wanted the red one (who was the runt) to be named Tiny Tim. And Samantha wanted them to have Christmas names. Due to this they became known as Red and Whitey. Real original, right? Ha! But they are at least red and white!

That night feeding these babies every two hours was a TASK. I know I’ve already stressed how I do not want children. I LOVE MY SLEEP. Wow, I was a character that night. By the time we had fed both babies, let them pee, and put them back to bed an HOUR had passed and we were only an hour away from waking up again! But, despite my crankiness Samantha was a trooper and my husband never complained. Wow. Longggg night. After those first two days Whitey got the hang of being a goat. We thought Red did too. However, after about a week Red took a turn for the worse. We spent the next few weeks bottle feeding him and keeping him inside a lot. 2 days before he turned 1 month old sweet Red died in the arms of his Aunt Ty. If I can say anything it was that he was loved and cared for. With that being said, instead of ending with goat facts today I am going to end with facts about Red.
1. Red was a trooper. He fought so hard!
2. Red loved his brother. They were so precious.

3. Red was very attached to Justin. If he heard his voice Red would come running. If Justin bent down he would jump in his lap like a puppy.

4. When we let Red inside if he wasn’t in our arms he was in front of the heater. He would whine every time it turned off. Hilarious.

Red was very loved but I’m thankful we still have Whitey!



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